Architectural Control Committee [ACC] Procedures
Paragraph 8 of the Amended Declaration of Conditions and Restrictions for San Geronimo Airpark states:
'No building, structure, concrete slab or fence shall be erected or constructed on any lot until the building plans, specifications, plot plans, and external design shall have been approved in writing by SGAPOA or by such nominee or nominees as it may designate in writing.'
As provided in Chapter 209 of the Texas Property Code, the SGAPOA Board of Directors has established a 4-member Architectural Control Committee [ACC] to review and approve or disapprove construction under paragraph 8 above.

The ACC is empowered to approve construction plans that comply with subdivision deed restrictions and rules, and work with owners to bring non-compliant plans into compliance so the plans can be approved.

If the ACC and the owner cannot agree to modify the construction plans to bring them into compliance, the ACC is empowered to deny the proposal.

In the event of an ACC denial, the owner may appeal the denial to the SGAPOA Board of Directors by filing a notice of appeal using the procedure contained in the denial notice issued by the ACC. Once an appeal is filed the Board must schedule a hearing within 30 days.
WARNING: Any construction undertaken prior to receiving ACC approval is a violation of Paragraph 8 of
the Amended Declaration of Conditions and Restrictions for San Geronimo Airpark and may subject the owner to legal liability
even if the construction otherwise complies with airpark restrictions.
COMMON AREA WARNING: If you intend construction beyond your property line that involves airpark Common Areas, [the runway, taxiway or road]
you must also submit a separate Common Area Construction Project Proposal to the SGAPOA Board.
Failure to do so may result in you having to pay costs to restore the SGAPOA Common Area to its original condition.
ACC Approval Process
Obtaining ACC approval for your project is generally very easy.Your project's description must be submitted using the

Timing: The Board of Directors has asked the ACC to act on properly submitted construction plans as quickly as reasonably possible. Owners should plan on 14 to 30 days to obtain an ACC review and decision.

If the owner requests an expedited review (within 7 days), a $50 fee payable to SGAPOA will be applied.

The ACC will make every effort to meet and review expedited requests within 7 days. However all projects must still meet SGAPOA deed restrictions so requesting expedited review does not guarantee approval.

All the necessary drawings and specifications to completely describe the plans should be included with the request form, any missing documentation may delay approval. If you are using a contractor, they normally supply this information. Once complete, everything should be emailed to the ACC at You will receive a reply email from the ACC acknowledging receipt of your request. Alternatively, you may send it by US mail to ACC, San Geronimo Airpark Property Owners Association, 15464 Culebra # 30, San Antonio, TX 78253, but this may delay the ACC from considering your request.

There is no fee for submitting non-expedited plans to the ACC for normal projects. However, for large or complex projects with the potential to affect drainage or subdivision infrastructure, the owner will be asked to pay for necessary experts engaged by the ACC to review the proposal, such as engineers or architects.

Please do not have your contractor contact the ACC while your project is pending review.

Once approved, the ACC will send the owner an approval letter. From the approval letter date, the owner will have 12 consecutive months to complete the project. However, if additional time is need, the owner must submit an amendment immediately to the ACC using the

The ACC will do site visits throughout as needed. Often, owners find benefit from these visits from useful suggestions by the committee members or architect. The owner is responsible for communicating to the ACC when the project is completed. The ACC will then perform a final inspection of the project and file your project as closed.

The ACC will meet monthly, after approval requests are received, and when expedited approval is needed.
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